About PRF

Plymouth Rock Foundation was formed in 1970 under the direction of John G. Talcott, Jr., and Charles Wolfe. Rus Walton served as its Executive Director for 22 years until he passed in 1999. John Talcott, Jr., passed in 2013 at the age of 105 and Charles Wolfe in 2014 at 94. We appreciate the legacy we have from these pioneering leaders.

The Mission of PRF

In the words of Rus Walton…We believe “the followers of Jesus Christ are called to be leaders of men and nations” (Matthew 28:19-20; Isaiah 58:6-8).

The founding document of Plymouth Rock Foundation states that it: “will seek to foster a greater public awareness and understanding of American history, ideas, and ideals, particularly as embodied in the lives of the Pilgrims who founded the Plymouth Colony in 1620…. their devotion to God and the Bible, to freedom and to tolerance, and their embodiment of courage, brotherhood, and individual moral character.”

Plymouth Rock Foundation exists to:

1) preserve & propagate the Pilgrim story and America’s godly heritage;
2) advance the Kingdom of God by applying the Bible to self and civil government, education, economics and contemporary issues.



“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” – 2nd Corinthians 3:17

The Method of PRF

Plymouth Rock Foundation believes that right methods for a believer’s influence are imperative so that we serve our culture in the spirit of Jesus Christ.  These methods impel and guide us:

  1. To provide books and materials that accurately document the godly heritage of the United States as well as expose areas in which we must repent to honor God.
  2. To document the Biblical principles of self and civil government, together with examples from our past that inspire us to serve our communities in the spirit of Christ.
  3. To displace the ideas of socialism and secular humanism by teaching and inspiring others to live properly and demonstrate that self-control yields greater liberty under law.
  4. To inspire Bible-based political action in the spirit of civil discussion, discourse and action to awaken neighborhoods and precincts to both the dangers of as well as the solution to our present dilemma.


True servant believers, in different ways at different times, have turned the world upside down!

The Ministries of PRF

1. Books, periodicals, self-study courses, audio and video materials

2. Our monthly E-news article (sign up on-line for free)

3. Historic tours, conferences and seminars highlighting our godly heritage, prayer and action

4. Sponsorship of the annual America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration the weekend before Thanksgiving each year in Plymouth

5. Promotion of Christian Heritage Week to be proclaimed by States and Congress the week of Thanksgiving


from the States of: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Virginia


P.O. Box 1040, Plymouth, MA 02362
Phone: 800-210-1620
E-mail: sales@plymrock.org