Who are we?

Plymouth Rock Foundation, begun in 1970, continues to tell the story of the Pilgrims as well as future generations of patriots and pioneers who forged the ingredients of a society that honors religious and civil liberty drawn from the Bible.  It tells the story through the publication and sale of books and materials, as well as conducting historic tours in Plymouth as well as the surrounding area.  Its presence in Plymouth has helped to remind all Americans that it was the faith in God, Christ and the Bible that brought the Pilgrims from England and Holland to the new world.

How can you help us accomplish our Mission?

Plymouth Rock Foundation was first formed in 1970 and has faithfully portrayed the faith of the Pilgrims through books, cd’s, dvd’s, historic tours and re-enactments.  Its mission is to “preserve and propagate the Pilgrim story” but it can only continue to do so through the faithful and consistent donations of those who believe future generations need to understand the religious motives of the pilgrims as critical to understand their story.  We appreciate all who have done so and all who will do so in the future.

If you believe the mission of the Plymouth Rock Foundation is worth preserving, you can help us fulfill our mission by praying for us, donating faithfully to our on-going work, attending our activities both in Plymouth and wherever our leaders conduct seminars as well as spread the word to let others know about us.