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Annual August Mini-Conference: 2024



Plymouth Rock Foundation is pleased to present our annual August event:

An historic mini-conference on “PRESERVING UNITY”

An American Pilgrimage 400 Commemoration: 1624-2024
(and the 135th anniversary of the National Monument to the Forefathers)

Friday, August 2 and Saturday, August 3, 2024
in Plymouth and Cape Cod, Massachusetts


The event includes a bus tour on Cape Cod, a one-session seminar,
tours of Plymouth Waterfront and Forefathers Monument, and the 135th anniversary celebration of the Forefathers Monument.

Friday Tour:
$80 pre-registration; $100 at the door (children under 13 are half price)
Friday Seminar: $15 pre-registration, $20 at the door (children under 13 are half price)
Saturday Tours: $15 pre-registration; $20 at the door (children under 13 are half price)

Click below for details and to register.

August is a busy season in Plymouth. We have secured a group of rooms at the Hampton Inn & Suites
in Plymouth for those who might need a place to stay. Click below to secure one of these rooms.

Additionally, if this room block sells out, we recommend these other local hotels and accommodations:


Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
Hilton Garden Inn Plymouth
Holiday Inn Express Plymouth
Hotel 1620 Plymouth Harbor
John Carver Inn & Spa



Those who wish to participate in the Pilgrim Progress event on Friday evening should contact Cheryl Doherty, Director of Pilgrim Progress, to sign up. She can be reached at Costumes are available for all ages and sizes. This is a great opportunity not only to honor our Pilgrim forefathers, but also to get special photos of you and your friends or loved ones dressed in historic Pilgrim costumes!



This mini-conference is co-sponsored by The New Testament Church of Cedarville
and by Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.

The 1620 Experience


The 1620 Experience logo


Plymouth Rock Foundation is proud to endorse a project which is led by one of our Board Members, David Bradford.

David is a descendent of the Pilgrim Governor and historian, William Bradford. In addition, David’s expertise as an historian of the Pilgrims,
coupled with his desire to make known the principles they embraced from the Bible that made them unique among the explorers of the 16th and 17th
centuries, make this a project worth completing.

The 1620 Experience is an 8-part educational mini-series designed to promote the story of the Pilgrims in their own words. Each episode focuses on an aspect of the Golden Triangle of Freedom, and combines celebrity narrators and dramatic re-enactments of key events.
What sets The 1620 Experience apart from other Pilgrim projects is the desire to tell the challenging and uncomfortable aspects of the story.
These elements are important in order to model their faith and character, and demonstrate why they were as crucial to the foundation of the prosperous American culture as they are today.



After watching the promo video, we think you will agree that this project ought to be supported, and we encourage those who follow the Plymouth Rock Foundation to donate generously. It is in harmony with our mission to “preserve and propagate the Pilgrim story.” We pray its success will help America recover from her amnesia regarding her history, as well as be an inspiration for the nations of the world.


Click here to donate.

Click here to watch the 1620 concept video.

Click here to learn more at


The 1620 Experience

Plymouth Rock Foundation Signature Events

The following Signature Events are presented or promoted directly by Plymouth Rock Foundation itself:

August 2024
No event found!

A Celebration of the 400th Anniversary
of the Pilgrims' Journey to the New World

Past Plymouth Rock Foundation Signature Events

Plymouth Rock Foundation’s
Premiere Event honoring the 400th Anniversary
Of the Pilgrims’ Journey to the New World
Took place October 1-5, 2021!


Watch portions of the American Pilgrimage 400 event below!
Video highlights include the Pilgrim-reenacted church service,
Marshall Foster, Kirk Cameron, and the Landing event
commemorating the 400th anniversary
of the arrival of the Pilgrims!







Below are audio files from some of the American Pilgrimage
400 workshops and events held from October 1-5, 2021.



** Click here to download our October 2021 PRF newsletter
featuring a summary of the event, along with pictures.

* * * * *

** Click here to download our November 2021 PRF newsletter
featuring a summary of “America’s Hometown Thanksgiving:
The 400th Anniversary of the 1621 Harvest Feast.” **


Remember the Pilgrims’ significance:

– They came as a church.
– They came as families.
– Their example inspired exploration, innovation,
self-governance, liberty of conscience,
economic freedom, thanksgiving, and future immigration!

Plymouth Rock Foundation Partners

Partner organizations have established a formal relationship with

Plymouth Rock Foundation to work together to achieve common goals.

The Jenney Museum is dedicated to conveying the impact 51 Pilgrims have had on the founding and ongoing development of the United States and to the importance of passing the history of our country from generation to generation.

Leyden Preservation Group’s mission is to preserve landmarks that foster awareness of America’s national heritage with a vision to shape the future by developing a greater understanding of the foundations of religious liberty in America and a providential view of history.

The Pilgrim Progress is a reenactment of the procession to church for the 51 surviving Pilgrims of the first harsh winter of 1620-1621. The town of Plymouth, to honor its Pilgrim founders, instituted the reenactment in 1921 as part of the Tercentenary Celebration of the landing of the Pilgrims.

The New Testament Church works to fulfill the call of God upon Plymouth and its geographic area in restoring the light of the gospel to impact every area of life. We desire to bless our neighborhoods locally and the specific nations of the world as God directs by performing the works of Jesus, empowered by His Spirit.

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