Plymouth Rock Foundation Events

The 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims
Journey to the New World

All events listed for 2020-2021 are
American Pilgrimage 400 events.

Plymouth Rock Foundation Signature Events

Plymouth Rock Foundation’s
Premiere Event honoring the 400th Anniversary
Of the Pilgrims’ Journey to the New World
Has been re-scheduled for October 1-5, 2021!

Remember its Significance:

– They came as a church.
– They came as families.
– Their example inspired exploration, innovation,
self-governance, liberty of conscience,
economic freedom, thanksgiving, and future immigration!

A once-in a-lifetime experience for you and your family to
understand the faith that brought the Pilgrims to the new world!

– Period and patriotic music
– Historic Tours and seminars from historians and guides

Plan to attend now! Register on-line below!

Plymouth Rock Foundation Signature Events

The following Signature Events are presented or promoted directly by Plymouth Rock Foundation itself.

Before registering, consider purchasing a day pass (listed under the Events list below)
for Monday, October 4, 2021 or Tuesday, October 5, 2021. It will save you 60-70%!

Online registration for all events will close at midnight on Thursday, September 30.
If you wish to register for an event after that, you may register at the door on the day of the event.

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Plymouth Rock Foundation Partners

Partners Organizations have established a formal relationship with

Plymouth Rock Foundation to work together to achieve common goals.

The Jenney Museum is dedicated to conveying the impact 51 Pilgrims have had on the founding and ongoing development of the United States and to the importance of passing the history of our country from generation to generation.

Leyden Preservation Group’s mission is to preserve landmarks that foster awareness of America’s national heritage with a vision to shape the future by developing a greater understanding of the foundations of religious liberty in America and a providential view of history.

The Pilgrim Progress is a reenactment of the procession to church for the 51 surviving Pilgrims of the first harsh winter of 1620-1621. The town of Plymouth, to honor its Pilgrim founders, instituted the reenactment in 1921 as part of the Tercentenary Celebration of the landing of the Pilgrims.

The New Testament Church works to fulfill the call of God upon Plymouth and its geographic area in restoring the light of the gospel to impact every area of life. We desire to bless our neighborhoods locally and the specific nations of the world as God directs by performing the works of Jesus, empowered by His Spirit.

Plymouth Rock Foundation
American Pilgrimage 400 Co-Hosts

Co-Hosts are organizations that committed to financially support Plymouth Rock Foundation is it prepared for the American Pilgrimage 400 events of 2020-2021 and beyond.

Their support has been invaluable in the continued operation of Plymouth Rock Foundation.

Pilgrim Institute

Ruth Smith

Heritage Ministries of Kentucky

Don Pinson


Leadership Institute


David Barton


American Minute

Bill Federer

New Hope Chapel

Neil Eaton


Chiltonville Congregational Church

Susan Thornton

Landmark Events


First Love Works

Tom & Ann Savastano

Pocasset Baptist Church

Glenn Stone


Milford Christian Church

Jim Loomer


Cecil B. Day Foundation

Woody White

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