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Plymouth in the Words of Her Founders


A guide to the historic sites of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Whether you are in Plymouth or want to learn more about this original settlement of the Pilgrims, this book is your guide.

Meticulously researched, author Dr. Paul Jehle lets the Pilgrim founders speak for themselves.

Learn what they said and how those words were transformed into monuments and memorials.

The Works of John Robinson, The Pilgrim Father


This 3-volume set incorporates all the written works of Pastor John Robinson, the Pilgrim Father.

Pastor Robinson, known as “America’s Pastor” was the spiritual leader of the Pilgrims.  His leadership and focus on the Scriptures of the Bible stirred the hearts of the Pilgrims to seek a place to establish their community with a Godly government.

Although his desire was to come to the new colony established in Plymouth, he stayed behind to tend the rest if his flock in England.

3-volume, hard-back book set details all the known writings of John Robinson, including sermons, letters, etc.